Five Tips to Make You Look Like an Expert Gift Wrapper

These Easy Tips will Help your Holiday Gifts Stand Out. 

We all love shopping for our friends and family during the holiday season, but what about the wrapping? Christmas bags are fine, but sometimes we want to take the time and effort to wrap a beautiful package. A lovingly wrapped gift has so much more meaning to the receiver and it can actually be fun to do! If you really want to take it to the next level, pick a theme (Rustic? Glamour? Minimal?) for this year’s wrapping and stick to it. 

First and foremost, clear some space to have a gift wrapping station so you have everything you need in one place. Make sure you have all of your materials before starting:

  • Double sided tape
  • Gift wrap/craft paper
  • Ribbon/string
  • Gift tags/stickers
  • Sharp scissors

Once you have the basics organized, let’s take your gift wrapping to the next level with these ideas below to really have your presents pop under the tree!


Nature has a plethora of objects to add to a present. You could cut some fresh rosemary or greenery to tuck in the bow or tie some pinecones to the top.  Feathers can add some drama! Peacock feathers are beautiful to tuck into a present as a lovely flourish.  

Stamp it Out

Want to personalize your gift wrap? Try stamps! You can use simple craft paper to wrap your presents and then use stamps to dress them up. You can use different stamps for different people or try using different colored ink as well.

Candy Coat it

Christmas candy is always a fun way to decorate a package. Candy canes of course are easy to fit right into a bow and you can even tie on a chocolate santa or red and green lollipops. Little peppermints are easy to tape onto packages too and bring lots of holiday cheer!


If you really want to be bold, tie an ornament or two onto your package. Beautiful Christmas balls are gifts unto themselves that will definitely glam up a package. Sourcing for vintage ornaments can really elevate your gift too.

Dish Towels

For that sustainability minded niece, ditch the gift wrap and wrap her present with a lovely new dish towel and wrap it with twine. There is no paper waste and she will have an added gift in the mix!