A Collector’s Guide to Displaying and Storing Your Christmas Treasures

The Best Ways to Show off and Store Your Christmas Goodies from Santa. 

So, you were very good this year and Santa brought you all kinds of games, toys, and collectibles. Now what? You’ve got all this sweet new stuff and you want to put it somewhere smart or show it off but not sure how to start. Don’t worry, I’ve been in your position before and I know just the right things you need to make your collectibles shine. Whether you’re looking to show off some LEGO, pose some superhero’s or protect your ultra-rare Funko Pop, this list will help you out.


The Kallax, the premier shelving unit for board game enthusiasts. Although IKEA does not promote it as such, to hobbyists it is the best choice for board game storage. I’ve been trying to put one of these in my basement for years. There are multiple sizes of Kallax shelves, but they all have these large, square-shaped cubbies that are perfect for board games of all sizes. If your collection is just starting this Christmas or Santa added another game to your pile, the Kallax is right for you.


Although this is a very specific example, any low-profile shelf would do. This is for anyone who wants to display a few core pieces of their collection, LEGO, figures, what have you, without taking up a lot of space. You can also do what I’ve done, which is to have a couple of staggered shelves on the same wall, maximizing wall space. Your prized 1980 Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett would look swell on one of these.

Pop! Protector

I think I’ve mentioned before that Funko Pops are everywhere but I’m not sure that I mentioned how frequently they’re given as Christmas gifts. Especially if the person buying for you doesn’t know a lot about collectibles. There’s a good chance they’ll just gift you a Pop of a character you love. So, why not protect them? These official acrylic cases fit your Pops perfectly and look great when stacked on a shelf.

Burnes of Boston Picture Frame

Do not use thumbtacks! If you were given an awesome movies poster, sports jersey, fan art, whatever, DO NOT USE THUMBTACKS. Please, I know this all too well, you will regret it and so will your wall. Instead, get a frame! Not only will it pull any guest’s gaze towards whatever you’ve displayed but it protects it too. This one is eighteen by twenty-four, so obviously find the right fitting frame but this is a nice example of a sleek, simple, and affordable frame.

NECA Action Figure Stands

Oh yes, these are by far the geekiest thing on this list. If you’re as much of a geek and collector as I am though, you have countless figures from across the pop culture multiverse. However, you might also be like me in that you don’t normally open the figures you gift or receive unless you’ve got two. Well, if you do feel the urge to free those awesome figures from their plastic bondage, these will come in handy. These stands will let you display and pose your spectacular six-inch to eight-inch action figures. You might even want to put them on a shelf!