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80 Pcs Professional Carving Knife Carving Fruit And Vegetable Platter Cold Dish Spoon Food Tool Set by BuzzPresents
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at BuzzPresents

80Pcs Professional Chef Knife Set with Portable Storage Bag Vegetable Food Fruit Carving Knife Sculpture Carving Tool Stainless

Package interluded:
80 in 1 Kitchen Carving Tool Kit


1. Material: High-quality Stainless steel&Wood&Plastic

2. Package Size:L39 x W29 x H4cm / L15.3 x 11.4 x H1.57 Inches

3. Especially for high-end restaurant chefs special hotel chefs.

4. The essential chisel for the hotel, restaurant, and tasteful home

5. Decent, generous, easy to carry, cost-effective.

6. Not only be used to make all kinds of food, cakes, fruits, vegetables, and other decorative shapes but also be used to learn carving techniques

7. The product is fully functional, reliable quality, beautiful and durable,

8. 80pcs Carving Tools, you can do all sorts of shapes of fruits and vegetables

9. There DIY Coies may also be used, sub-packaging bag, portable neat. 

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