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"Balance" Inspirational Stretch Bracelet
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Fulfilled by our friends at ZOX


My best friend is a bit of a perfectionist. She was raised to be one, really. Her parents have always strictly enforced having a clean environment, getting everything done on time and done correctly on the first try. Her efforts are always admirable, and to be honest, she did an admirable job doing everything perfectly for years. Then, I met her in college, a semester or two after she’d done everything perfectly as a set routine. Quickly, college became more of a challenge for her than expected.

Slowly, things stopped turning out perfect. Things weren’t going according to her plan. She found herself unable to balance everything the way she used to. Life, school, and family duties became a complicated tangle of responsibilities. It became too much for her. Too overwhelming.

As someone who always strives to do something perfectly on the first try as well, though, with admittedly a little less self-pressure (keywords: a little less), I remember telling her that finding balance isn’t as easy as it seems. It never really is. It’s something I’m still learning and becoming accustomed to. You can make plans, yearn for everything to work out according to them, and still find that something is off-kilter. 

We all have threads of responsibility that we picture running parallel to each other through the path of our lives. However, in reality (most times), those threads are jumbled together, some cut, and some knotted. It’s a bit of a challenge to bring balance to our lives, but it’s a challenge we should willingly, joyfully accept.

Take this single & its card with you as you approach the journey of creating balance. What requires more of your attention, and what can be set to the side for a while? Change your perspective on things for a bit. You might just uncover something amazing.

Be bold,



Bruce Lee

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