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Block Party Sidewalk Chalk 6-Piece Glitter Chalk Set
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Product Information
  • BOLD BRIGHT COLORS – Great art starts with great colors. Our 6-piece set of glitter sidewalk chalk has a beautiful variety of colors that are bold & bright. Glitter chalks sparkle in the sun.
  • HOURS OF FUN – Need a break? Our sidewalk chalk for kids lasts longer. Keep the kids entertained for hours of fun drawing on the sidewalk & driveway.
  • SQUARE CHALK DOESN'T ROLL – 4x as many kids love square colored chalk because it’s easy for little hands to pick up & hold. It doesn't roll away & fits perfectly back the box.
  • GOOD VALUE – Big chalk sticks that last longer; a ton of chalk for the money. Get all the glitter colors you want in one purchase.
  • SAFE & WASHABLE – Parents like you who read the fine print are more likely to buy chalk that has been safety tested. Our chalk is UL Lab Tested, non-toxic, washable & safe. Great Choice!

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