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Bose A30 Noise Cancelling Over-the-Ear Aviation Headset
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Product Information

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Professional pilots understand the importance of clear communication and comfort. The A30 allows pros to choose between three modes of active noise cancellation. Tap control allows pilots to quickly change either earcup to low-mode to communicate with a co-pilot or crew. A center pivot spring reduces clamping force to provide maximum comfort and a consistent earcup seal during long flights.

  • UNPARALLELED COMFORT: The Bose A30 is a full-sized circumaural aviation headset with a lightweight design and 20% lower clamping force than the A20.
  • ACTIVE EQUALIZATION: Incoming signals are shaped and equalized for unmatched audio clarity and intelligibility.
  • THREE SELECTABLE MODES OF ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION: Industry-leading active noise reduction with adjustable modes accommodates different use cases or pilot personal preference.
  • PRECISION-FOCUSED NOISE CANCELLING MICROPHONE: The Bose A30’s microphone is engineered for aircraft with “hot mic” or PTT systems to increase clarity and reduce background noise during transmission.
  • FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a CERTIFIED: The Bose A30’s robust design has passed 145 tests by the Bose engineering and quality assurance team to ensure endurance in challenging flight environments.
  • REMOVABLE AND SIDE SWAPPABLE DOWN CABLE AND MIC: No tools required. Boom mic and cable can be mounted on either side of the headset without using any tools.
  • BLUETOOTH AUDIO: Select headsets connect to mobile devices, audio systems and electronic flight bags. Capable devices have audio prioritization to mute or mix Bluetooth audio with intercom audio.
  • DURABLE, THIN AND FLEXIBLE CABLE: Light cable allows for increased freedom of movement and easy storage.

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