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"Catch Your Breath" Inspirational Stretch Bracelet
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at ZOX


Recently, I feel as though productivity has become my default state. Even if I’m supposed to be relaxing at home, it feels like a waste of time unless I’m cleaning or prepping for the days ahead. There is always something on my to-do list. But is there only value in doing and not in being? I didn't have the words to describe what I wanted to fight this constant fear of not doing enough. But Catch Your Breath is exactly what I needed to hear. 

You don’t need to push yourself past the limits just to achieve your goals. You merely being there without expectations of some deadline or chore is enough. A runner doesn't keep going until they collapse, so why should we work ourselves to the bone without a true break. I think that taking a moment of respite is what can give us the energy to fuel productivity and become our best.

The design has certainly shifted my mindset on what it means to relax. My hope is that it encourages you to be kinder to yourself and take those extra breathes when you need them.

Talk soon,



Natalie Adams

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