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Hold Your Head Up by ZOX
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at ZOX


In life, there is no way to prevent a fall. Unforeseen circumstances may knock us down, leaving us scrambling, and require us to re-find our balance--but each of these falls is a chance to rise. 

In healing, there is no time requirement on when to rise. It is okay to fall, expected to fall, and valid to fall. Just remember that with each stumble, you will again have the opportunity to hold your head up and ascend your previous understanding of the world, yourself, or your personal healing. Rise up in what way makes sense to you. Remain gentle, curious, and understanding as you would to a dear friend who has fallen. 

The 7/20 foundation supports communities across the U.S. rise up from unexpected falls into tragedy. Our organization sends messages of hope, love, and support to communities who have experienced mass gun violence, as we did in Aurora, Colorado 10 years ago.  Through our experience we learned to rise, time and time again, as our journey of healing unfolded. We hope to never have to add another city to our network, but promise to help any community or person needing help up after a fall rise. 


Kate Lower

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