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Holiday Pet Garden Grass Seed and Catnip Kit
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at Cat 'N Twiggs Boutique

Discover the joy of nurturing a personalized green haven for your pets with our Pet Garden Grass Seed Kit. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or both, this kit is designed to bring natural delight into their lives.

What's Inside:

  • Three Premium Grass Seed Packs: Choose from 12 Dog Grass, 6 Cat Grass, or 6 Catnip. These seeds are specially chosen to provide your pets with fresh, aromatic grass to nibble on.
  • Reusable Steel Pail: A charming, rustic pail designed to add a touch of countryside chic to your space while serving as the perfect container for your pet's grass.
  • Animal Collar: A comfortable, adjustable collar to keep your pets safe and away from potentially harmful plants while they enjoy their lush, green oasis.
  • Assembly Directions: Easy-to-follow instructions to ensure that your grass seeds grow successfully, allowing your pets to revel in their new natural playground.

It's time to treat your beloved fur babies to a world of wholesome entertainment, and our Holiday Pet Garden Kit is the ideal way to do it. This all-in-one solution is not just about growing grass; it's about nurturing happiness and health for your pets. Bring the great outdoors inside with the freshness and vibrancy of pet-friendly grasses. Get ready for wagging tails, purring contentment, and hours of enjoyment for your cherished companions!

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