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"I'm In Awe Of You" Inspirational Stretch Bracelet
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Fulfilled by our friends at ZOX


There’s someone in my life that I am so incredibly grateful for every day. Without realizing it, he came into my life at a really tough time. Over the past few months, we’ve grown closer, and he has become one of my favorite people ever. The thing is, he’s very critical of himself. He holds himself to a very high standard, which is amazing, but he tends to see his failures more than his successes.

Let me tell you a bit about him. He’s insanely motivated. He has goals that transcend my level of thinking, and I’m convinced he’s going to change the world someday. But because he doesn’t see all the incredible things he’s doing right now, he gives himself a hard time when he misses a step or a goal takes a little longer to accomplish than he’d hoped. If he saw himself through my eyes, though, he’d see that he’s making so much progress – he’s making an impact on my life every time we talk, even if it’s about stupid things like a song recommendation or a movie trailer we liked.

You may have someone in your life that’s just like him. You may be like him yourself. I wrote this card for people like him. We all get down on ourselves for little mistakes, but we don’t really think about how we might be affecting the people around us in such positive ways. I hope you find yourself giving this to someone you’re in awe of, because they may not realize that they’re doing big things through small actions. I’m in awe of my friend every day, and I hope, one day, that puzzle pieces click into place and he realizes that he was doing great things all along. I hope that goes for you, too.

Be bold,



Maria Sarria

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