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Kids Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll Bundle by Present Paper
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at Present Paper

PERFECT SIZE: Each roll measures 10 feet by 30 inches, just the right amount for your gift wrapping needs. These rolls have enough square footage for you to wrap several gifts. 

FINE QUALITY: These wraps are printed in Italy ensuring high quality. They will not rip or tear easily. The wrapping paper is soft and smooth to the touch and the colorful unique designs enhance the overall look and feel of your gift. Nearly all of our wrapping paper is made with recycled fiber reducing environmental waste and is made with paper from well-managed forests providing a safe and secure future for our planet. 

VERSATILE: Not only are these great for wrapping gifts, they also make great use for DIY craft projects. 

CONVENIENT: Some gift wrapping rolls feature cut lines on the reverse side making it easy for straight cutting and for helping you wrap your gifts with precision. No need to measure with a ruler or worry about unevenly wrapped gifts!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Please feel free to contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns. We do our best in solving any issues that arise.

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