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Mind over Batter: Baking Therapy
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Uncommon Goods
Product Information

 Fulfilled by our friends at Uncommon Goods

There’s a wonderful place where you can banish bad feelings with flaky pastry, warm scents, and heavenly sweetness: It’s called your kitchen. Join master baker and licensed psychotherapist Jack Hazan for this live virtual class where you’ll whip up a luscious cake and learn how you can use baking to stir up all kinds of good vibes.

  • Make a favorite of Jack’s Grandma Peggy: kanafeh, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert of shredded phyllo dough, ricotta cheese, and aromatic rosewater that Jack calls “the gateway to all deliciousness” (it's also included in Jack's gorgeous new book—see "Comes with the class," below).
  • Join a guided exercise from Jack's therapy practice that connects baking to mindfulness, self-care, and healing.
  • Jack will share the story behind the cake and discuss how his work is a "love letter" to the wise, inspiring women he grew up with.
  • The kanafeh bakes for an hour, so you’ll be able to share those good feels by enjoying it fresh from the oven after class.

Class length: 75 minutes
Comes with the class: Jack’s Mind Over Batter cookbook features 75 comforting recipes for sweet treats, along with positive affirmations and exercises that link baking to proven therapeutic techniques.

Your Purchase Includes

  1. A 75-minute live virtual experience with an expert instructor
  2. A Mind Over Batter book, mailed to you before the date of your experience
  3. An email sent at least 24 hours before the experience with all the preparation details including experience log-in information

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