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Player One by ZOX
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Fulfilled by our friends at ZOX


Good morning, Zoxers! I'm extremely excited to be coming to your inboxes today with this Spotlight design. If you've read some of my strap stories since I joined this fabulous team, you may know that I enjoy playing video games.

If you did not know that... Well, now you know! I have an older brother who used to play video games with my dad all the time. When all of that was going on, I was young enough to not care about it, eager to spend time with my Barbies instead. But then, my brother moved out for college and a tangible void was felt.

It went from being two men in the house to one, surrounded by women who loved shopping, Rom-Coms, and everything my dad wasn't used to doing when my brother was still home! So, one day, I asked my dad to teach me how to play his favorite video game, hoping that I may be able to bring back an old joy.

Soon, I was hooked! Video games became a favorite pastime for my dad and me. I'd come home from school, he from work, and we'd play all evening long. It brought us together like glue.

Now, video games hold a special place in my heart, even if I can't play them as often as I used to. That's why I always find it interesting when I read headlines that disapprove of video game play among teenagers and kids. However, are video games much different from other games? Let's discuss!

Our Connection to Games

Most likely, you grew up playing some form of a game. Maybe it was a video game at an arcade, Monopoly around the dinner table with your family, or even just Red Rover outside with friends.

What's really interesting about the debate regarding gaming is that people are actually encouraged to play games to keep their minds sharp. In fact, I've contemplated downloading math games on my phone to make sure I still have solid math skills!

There may be some people that disagree about the positive effects of video games, and that's totally okay, but they do exist.

Here are just a few:

  1. Emotional resilience – Kids that are accustomed to losing in their games learn to cope with the reality of failure and how to do better the next time.
  2. Cooperation – A lot of video games have multiplayer functions, which encourage players to work with one another towards a common goal. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  3. Strengthened cognitive skills – If you're ever played a flight-simulation game, you may have gotten a better grasp of what it would take to fly a real plane (yes, I know that's not all it takes, but stay with me). Some flight training classes use simulators to replicate real-life cockpits to help pilots learn. Simulations are a lot like video games!
  4. Stress relief – Games are great distractors. They can help us get our minds off of trivial things around us and focus on something fun and exciting.

You may not agree with playing video games, but if you're dealing with stress and need to exercise some mind-muscles, taking a crack at a game isn't a bad idea. Puzzles count, my friends!

My biggest hope for you to take away from this blog is to have fun. Life can get very overwhelming, and situations tend to change our perspective on things. If you dislike video games, I'm not encouraging you to go out and buy some, but I do hope you try to see the positive side, and maybe even pick up a deck of cards to play with! Relax your mind for a bit.

The point of games is to enjoy them. Hopefully, that's what this Strap will encourage you to do: enjoy the game of life. You're Player One!

Be bold,



Arnold Ramirez

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