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Outdoor Big Kid Trapeze Bar
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at Wiwiurka Toys

The upgraded version for older kids and teens is a great addition to your space.

For those who like to hang and flip, our Teens trapeze bar  is the perfect option for older kids and teenagers.
Lots of exercise and challenge for your kids!!

Wiwiurka Trapeze Swing Bar is perfect for acrobats to train their balance strength, increased vestibular input, and power.

Dimensions: Bar length is 35 inches. The trapeze includes  additional rope for hanging

Age range suggestion: from 9 to 16 years old

Max. weight: 200 lbs

Materials: Made of solid Pinewood and heavy duty rope, the carabiner is included. Color rope "confetti" white with colorful dots

Finishing: Non Toxic outdoor wood finishing. For indoor or outdoor use.

We recommend applying a coat once per year and storage during winter storms.

^^^^^To hang it from the interior of a Concrete ceiling:
Place an expansive plug with an eyebolt that can support a weight.

Place a safety eyebolt that can support the weight limit.

^^^^^From drywall: 
The general recommendation is to only hang swings, hammocks or any heavy object, from the support beam of your roof. We also recommend asking for guidance at the local hardware store.

Please Do Not Leave your child Unattended* *and place a soft mat under it.\\

Mounting hardware not included. We recommend that you get a heavy duty swing hangers kit for your ceiling. If you don’t have hardware or knowledge about the installation, please seek professional help.

DISCLAIMER: Wiwiurka is not responsible for any incident that could occur from misuse of the trapeze bar.

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