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Today Is New by ZOX
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at ZOX


This year's Easter design has really inspired me given what's currently going on around the world. It's so easy right now to take the negative from one day to another - to let our spirits get down about everything going on around us. 

What I love about this ZOX is the simple message that goes so deep: Today is New. To me, that means that rather than letting my days be ruined by negativity before they even start, I wash my slate clean and get another chance to try again. I get a new day to do my best to make things better. I'm not affected by the past, I'm focusing on doing my best right here, right now... and that give me hope.

My hope for all of you, with this ZOX, is that it'll inspire you to clear your mind each morning when you wake up. To practice kindness, compassion and forgiveness as we start each day new. In the end, that's how we make each new day better than the last. 

Love you guys. 


Collector Card Details:
Hope is the ultimate gift. 


Adrienne Gagui

Release Date: 3.26.20

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