No More Mister Nice List


Day 1

message 1

Hello [child’s first name]! This is Santa Claus. The reception isn’t very good at the North Pole, so I hope you get this message!

message 2

Did you get my text? We are having a North Pole blizzard! Please answer yes or no

Yes - Great! I have something to tell you!

No - My signal weak! Please face North and say “Yes” clearly—I and the elves will magically be able to hear you!

Day 2

message 1

{First Name} I really need your help! We had a visit from Krampus recently and on the way out, he stole some important record books!

message 2

Don’t worry, we still have your record. You have lots of Niceness Points!

But we lost the records of everyone else in [Town]. We don’t know if your family, friends, and neighbors are Nice or Naughty!

Day 3

message 1

We need your help, [Child’s Name]! Can you help us decide who in [Town] is Nice or Naughty? If you accept this mission, face North and say “Yes!”

Day 4

Message 1

Let’s get started! Every day I’ll give you a new mission. You can report to the workshop by facing North and speaking clearly.

Message 2

First, we need some general information. Can you tell us a little about [Town]?

  Is it a big city or a small town?  

Great work! You just earned extra Niceness points!

Thanks, [Child’s Name]! Now, tell us little about your family and friends, especially {mention_name} —we think they’re a borderline case.

Day 5

I see, I see. All right, here’s what I need you to do. Today, I need you to pay close attention to your family. Who is being extra Nice? Let us know!