Write a letter to Santa!

Hello from the North Pole! Mrs. Claus, and the team at Santa Headquarters have been very excited to introduce these new digital technologies. Websites, blogs, texts, and e-mails, oh my! But we understand that some children and their families would still prefer to mail an old-fashioned physical letter to the North Pole.

Santa’s Mailing Address

If you’d like to send me a physical letter, you can mail it here. Kids, get a family member or trusted adult to help you write the address correctly.

Mail to:
Santa Claus
1 Santa Claus Lane
North Pole, AK 99705

This is my real address and is certain to reach me personally. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to reply to every single letter I’m sent—that’s why we’re in the process of switching to e-mail, which speeds up the process significantly. Rest assured, however, that I do indeed give my personal attention to every letter to Santa. (Even the ones that somehow never leave your mantelpiece or refrigerator. How? Magic.) If you want to help me avoid a backlog this year, please send your letter on or before December 15th. The earlier, the better! Inquiries about the North Pole or my workshop, well-wishes, prayers for World Peace, cookie recipes, and crayon drawings are all welcome additions to any letter. I very much look forward to reading them all!