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November 7, 2022

3 Easy Knitting Projects in time for Christmas

No worries! Warm their hearts with these simple projects you can complete in time for the Holidays


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R. Manville

The holidays are right around the corner and, for those who indulge in knitting, it’s time to start crafting! While of course you can go online to buy a knit gift that’s cool, sometimes spending a little time on a beautiful DIY project is what you need to get into the holiday spirit. When you make something special for someone who is knit-worthy, you spend time thinking about that person, and anticipating how they’ll  use and enjoy it, which infuses a special layer of intention and love into your gift. 

We offer three sweet projects that will satisfy your tactile love of simple knitting, and are also quick enough to make for key people on your nice list. 

The Lap-Blanket

The first is a rectangular lap-blanket made with big, chunky, yarn. This cozy, warm blanket can be made to look elegant and upscale, with luxurious, exquisite wool from the talented folks at Loopy Mango, machine-washable Valley Superwash Super Bulkyyarn, or any cushy, thick yarn found at Michaels, Joann’s, or even at a thrift shop.  

If you have a basic knowledge of knitting, you should be able to easily knit this 2 x 3½-foot lap blanket in five or six hours using about 300 yards of chunky yarn from Loopy Mango and big US 19 (15mm) needles. If using the Valley Superwash Super Bulky, plan on 8-10 balls for your blanket. We recommend two options: a rich, solid throw, or adding more visual interest by using three or more different colors. If you only use the knit stitch, the results will be a lovely garter-stitched afghan. Cast 42 stitches onto your giant knitting sticks, and just go to town! 

The next two projects use a clever pattern creating a texture that mimics brioche knitting, without the fuss. Simple, yet stunning.


  • K = knit

  • P = purl

The Uncle Scarf

We call this easy peasy scarf, the “uncle scarf.” The pattern is worked over a multiple of 4 stitches plus 1. Every row: (K3, P1) to the last stitch, then K1. Back and forth. For a comfortably wide scarf, cast on 33 stitches in a squishy, thick aran/worsted weight yarn (about 1.5 balls) on needles between US 8 (5mm) and US 11 (8mm), whatever size you have available.

The Auntie Cowl

The companion project to the “uncle scarf” is a beautiful“auntie cowl” from Purl Soho. Also called the Mistake Rib Cowl, this pattern is a joy to knit. While their originally suggested Cashmere Tend is no longer available, this looks lovely with 2 skeins of Jade Sapphire 8-ply cashmere from Mongolia, or a shorter version with one skein of Partridge, a sumptuous merino wool milled and dyed in Peru.  Knit on US 8 (5mm) 16-inch circular needles, and create a  marker to keep track of where the row begins. Markers can be as simple as a contrasting yarn color or as clever as a cute kitty! Purl Soho’s instructions are simple to follow.

In no time at all, you’ll have beautiful and elegant gifts - a lovely cowl, a handsome scarf, or a cozy lap-blanket - all ready to give to someone special this holiday. And later in the winter, you may even want to make one for yourself because you, (say it with me) are very knit-worthy!