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November 7, 2022

Cats vs Pickles Snowball Bean Exclusive

A limited edition of Snowball is back to celebrate 25 days of Cats vs Pickles coming this Christmas


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Introducing snowball by Cats Vs Pickles

Introducing Snowball

If you are not familiar with the pop culture phenomenon, Cats vs Pickles, then you are in for a big treat. Welcome to the world of Cats vs Pickles where lovable but misunderstood pickles are in hopeless pursuit of colorful cats. Cats are scared of pickles, but pickles just want love. We are on both Team Cats and Team Pickles – and are happy to share that the super fun collectible Cats vs Pickles products are now available on Santa.com!

And to celebrate the season, we are delivering an exciting gift this Christmas to both existing fans and CVP newbies. It’s 25 days of Cats vs Pickles in a never-before-seen animated tale, presented as an advent calendar. Starting December 1st, on the dedicated kid’s section at Santa.com, a new animated chapter will be unlocked each day telling a piece of the all-new story of How the Gherkins Stole Christmas starring the beloved cat, Snowball.

As collectors know, the fluffy-white Snowball bean (#247) was instantly sold-out when originally introduced in 2021. Now, in anticipation of the upcoming How the Gherkins Stole Christmas story, Snowball is back for a limited release exclusively here on Santa.com! Collect Snowball today, and mark your calendars to experience How the Gherkins Stole Christmas starting December 1st!