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November 5, 2022

5 Great Santa Books to Get Your Little Ones Excited for The Holidays!

They'll be ready when Santa Claus comes to town!


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Annie Spratt

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When your kids have reached the age where they start to get excited for Christmas, reading holiday stories with them to add to the magic can be a real treat. Books about Santa Claus, whether funny, informative or fantastical, will make him seem even more magical to little ones. Over time, there have been countless stories told and written about Santa, and we’ve pulled together this list of six essential stories to start reading now to build excitement about both Christmas and reading!

This is a timeless tale of an extraordinary Christmas night. Your kids may have heard bits and pieces of this story before - it’s the plotline for countless films and stories - but reading it together as Christmas nears is truly special. This storybook also happens to be a coloring book that can serve as a cherished keepsake for years to come. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a new family tradition!

A sweet picture book about the power of giving, this tale of a curious mouse and Santa has become a tradition in many households. This story centers on the importance of charity and the magic of the season, making it an ideal bedtime book for children.

This whimsical book will have your kids on the edge of their seats! Filled with colorful illustrations and hilarious moments, they won’t stop talking about this delightful tale. Even better, the book shares some of the “How-To” tricks for catching a glimpse of Santa himself.  Wacky and charming, “How to Catch Santa” will have your kids giggling all night long!

This holiday tale follows the journey of a city girl who is trying to understand how Santa can deliver gifts to kids all over the world. This book is perfect for the parents of kids who may have similar questions. Featuring rich illustrations and heartwarming themes of togetherness and Christmas spirit, this book is a terrific way to build anticipation for Santa’s arrival.

An exciting and adventurous tale about a newly-modernized North Pole, complete with technology, gift-delivering drones, robots, elves, and, of course, a good dose of Christmas spirit. After Cyber Scrooge hacks the North Pole’s computer system, Yo-Yo the elf leads the charge to lure Santa out of retirement to save Christmas!  Full of delightful art and heartwarming messages, this story will become a bedtime favorite for years to come.