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November 3, 2022

5 of Our Favorite Inflatable Christmas Decorations

These are sure to cover your lawn in holiday cheer!


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R. Manville

Nothing brings a bigger collective holiday smile to neighborhood kids quite like the sight of giant inflatable Christmas decorations that delight and fascinate the little ones!

These fun, often over-the-top displays convey that your house is ready and waiting for Santa! Whether you opt for just one Santa on your front lawn, or a whole scene complete with reindeer and snowmen, these fun and festive decorations come to life with a simple flip of a switch. 

There are dozens of holiday inflatables to choose from in a variety of sizes and characters, and we at Santa.com have compiled our top five faves that will make your yard yule-tastic! 

O Christmas Tree!

You can opt for this 9-foot inflatable with lights that will let your neighborhood know you are ready for the holidays! Looking for something a little smaller? This 7-foot tree or 5-foot tree might be the one for you. 

Santa Claus, and his Reindeer too!

St. Nick himself is always a crowd-pleaser! With so many options to choose from, whether an inviting smiling 5-foot Santa, a 7.5-foot Black Santa, or a whimsical Santa riding in his sleigh, or motorcycle, your Santa will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Classic Snowmen

Don’t have enough snow or time to build your own snowman? Consider inflatables to create a winter wonderland that greets the kiddos as they arrive home each day. Use them as stand-alone yard decorations or as a part of your larger, inflatable winterscape…don't worry, they won’t melt!

There are lots of variations between size, lights and additional design elements. Here are some fun options we found in 4-foot , 5-foot and 6 ft, as well as this group roasting marshmallows!  There are so many great choices out there.

Let’s Not Forget the Presents!  

These colorful inflatable gifts can bring a splash of brightness to your yard. Place them under a tree or on your porch, and it will look like Santa came early! They can also be combined with other decorations to create a Christmas scene.

Tropical Christmas 

Are you celebrating Christmas in Florida or another warm locale?  Or do you dream about tropical climates when your house is buried in snow? If so, there are lots of fun ways to show your tropical Christmas spirit with these fun-in-the-sun inflatables that are great to have poolside during the holidays. Check out this  palm tree scene  or vacation Santa as they may be quite fitting, since our guess is that Santa may be heading to the beach for some R&R on December 26th!