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November 2, 2022

USPS Festive Holiday Stamps for 2022

Get them before they’re gone!


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We’ll let you in on a secret: The Santa.com team looks forward to the USPS holiday stamp release almost as much as the actual holidays. And we’re not alone, because every year the cutest stamps sell out quickly! So take a peek here, then head to your local post office to make sure you get your pick!

Poinsettia Stamps

Add instant elegance to your envelope with these poinsettia stamps—no other flower is as synonymous with the holidays as the lush red leaves of this one. 

Buy Poinsettia Stamps on USPS

Holiday Elves Stamps

Christmas cuteness overload! These whimsical stamps feature scenes of Santa’s elves hard at work. Certainly an adorable and merry way to spread holiday cheer.

Buy Holiday Elves Stamps on USPS

Virgin and Child Stamps

Sending a super classic or faith-based greeting? These stamps are versions of the 16th century oil painting of the Virgin and Child, and remind us all of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Buy and Child Stamps on USPS

Hanukkah Stamps

Inspired by an original, quilted wall hanging, these Hanukkah stamps feature an abstract menorah and are a stunning finish to your card. 

Buy Hanukkah Stamps on USPS

Kwanzaa Stamps

Designed to celebrate family, community, and culture, these Kwanzaa stamps feature two children and a kinara. They’re sure to add a vibrant and joyful feel to your card and set the mood for celebrating. 

Buy Kwanzaa Stamps on USPS

Otters in Snow Stamps

Attention, animal lovers! You’re represented here with these sweet, snowy otter stamps. These are a great pick if you think you’ll have extra—they’re fitting for the holidays and every other winter mailing to come. 

Buy Otters in Snow Stamps on USPS