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November 18, 2022

5 Family-Friendly Card Games

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Cards Displayed on Green

The whole family is together for four days. That’s wonderful! But how do you keep everyone entertained and engaged? You’re already hosting at max capacity, so we have a great suggestion before everyone zones out on their phones: go old school with a classic card game! If you’re wondering about which games to have on hand, here at Santa.com we’ve found five card games to make your holiday evenings a blast! There’s a card game for every family, whether yours is competitive, new to games, or just looking to have fun! 

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A great game for younger children and a good time for adults, GoFish never disappoints! Simple, fast, and fun, it’s everything a card game should be. Afterward, some of the older kids can switch to one of the more advanced games or you can change it up with another easy-to-play board game!

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Phase10 is a rummy type game thatworks well with a larger playgroup, and is recommended for ages seven and up. A great one for a group of older kids, it is highly competitive and extremely fast-paced, and will be a big hit with new players and a frequent request for game nights to come!

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phase 10
phase 10


Fair warning, this game can get LOUD! This fun, fast-paced game set in the world of commodity trading is about trying to collect a full set of commodity cards while offloading unwanted ones to your fellow players. This is a nice choice if you’re looking for a game that’s both lightning fast and easy to teach.

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Looking for the perfect Christmas game? Who doesn’t love this beloved card game that is fun for all ages! If you’ve been playing classic Uno for years, there are now many versions that offer new challenges and rules to this traditional game of card matching and discarding.

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Apples to Apples

A silly, low-stakes card game of association, Apples to Apples is a party game designed to elicit bursts of laughter and incredulous looks. We recommend playing it with older tweens and teens as the pop culture references and historical figures may go completely over the heads of younger kids. If you’d like to have the same Apples to Apples experience with smaller children, there’s Apples to Apples Junior!

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apples to apples
apples to apples