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November 17, 2022

Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

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There are few holiday icons as awe-inspiring as the Christmas tree. Its combination of wonderful aroma, festive lights, beautiful ornaments and array of presents displayed beneath it is truly a sight to behold. The most revered spot on any Christmas tree, however, is the very top and what you choose to put on yours can serve as the centerpiece of your home holiday decor. We at Santa.com pulled together this helpful list of some of our favorite, tree topper ideas.

The Angel

Let’s start with a classic topper like an angel.These heavenly symbols have graced the tops of Christmas trees for centuries and many families have an angel ornament that has been handed down over generations. There are a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to angels, from mid-century modern to farmhouse chic, and there’s an angel for every style. If you are going for that heirloom traditional look, this angel from Balsam Hill above, or  this one in rich red, green and gold in a Neapolitan Baroque style, are elegant options.

The Star

Stars have a way of hogging the spotlight from your Christmas tree.  Are you an “angel” person looking for a change? If so, the star may be just the solution you’re looking to bring to your tree. Some of our favorites stars include the classic Moravian star, a glittering star with great textural detail, and this dramatically ornate Kurt Adler “Gilded Age” style option.


From a design perspective, it’s a short leap from a star to a snowflake. Many snowflake designs look like stars, which are visually similar, but symbolically different, and are a great way to try something new. You’ll find some exciting choices from Pottery Barn, or Balsam Hill. Snowflakes are a terrific topper for the ultimate winter theme!


Why not a hat topper if you’re looking for somewhat of a “different” look? Give your tree a bit of fashion flair, with the kind of hat Fred Astaire or Frosty might wear. Or why not  go with a classic Santa hat!. We thought this handmade knit version was a great option for a more farmhouse vibe.You can make a standard hat or take it over the top!

The Big Bow

Nothing says “pretty” quite the way a bow does, so why not make your tree the prettiest at the party, with the ultimate bow topper. Ribbons and bows are a classic and beautiful way to decorate any tree, so feel free to take it all the way up to the top of the tree, and don’t be shy about making it big. Next time at the store, grab a few extra rolls so you can continue your theme onto the tree. Should you decide to go old school, a giant bow is fairly simple to make with a wide, wired ribbon. If you don’t have time for that, there are plenty of other available options to buy.


Snowmen are yet another classic, Christmas staple, and certainly wouldn’t look out of place on top of your tree. Just the right one, could bring an elegant charm that is sure to melt your guests’ hearts. A full snowman at the top of the tree is a classic go-to, but since we are talking about new ideas here, check out this head topper, that very cleverly makes the tree look like the snowman’s body. Naturally, you can take this further, and use a white tree and/or add gloved “hands” on the side of the tree to really make him come to life!

Santa Claus

The man.the myth, the legend, thhe tree topper? A Santa Claus tree topper gives you the opportunity to add a jolly touch to your Christmas tree and there are as many styles of Santa as there are trees. Some of these include Victorian Santa, crafty Santa, cartoon Santa and modern Santa so don’t fret, there’s definitely one to fit your theme. If you want a fresh take on a traditional look, surprise Santa when he visits on Christmas Eve, with a classic Santa like this one.

A Character

Does your family have a favorite beloved character? Try celebrating that character with a place of honor, at the top of the tree. Many well-known animated characters are available as tree toppers, from  Mickey Mouse to Grogu, to Snoopy…your favorite character could bring a different sense of festive fun, humor and warm nostalgia. Popular characters have many options available like these Mickey Mouse toppers; Mickey as Santa or Mickey more subtly integrated into this mid-century style finial topper.