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November 1, 2022

6 Great Gifts for Participating in Movember

It's time to let it grow!


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Christmas is just around the bend, and that can only mean one thing, Movember is upon us! Movember is a month in which men everywhere forgo shaving, and opt for facial hair instead. The goal is to put a spotlight on and draw attention to men's health, including several cancers, which are more common among males.. By growing a beard or mustache to support the cause, men only need facial follicles to do their part. We at Santa.com have discovered six great grooming products that'll even make Santa himself jealous! Whether you’re shopping for yourself to grow out that majestic face blanket, or buying a gift for a loved one trying to grow a wondrous mustache, these grooming products are just what those face needs. If you’re looking to learn more about Movember, you can do so directly, here.

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Bulldog Original Beard Balm

A beard balm is essential for taking care of facial hair, and this balm from Bulldog, will keep that beard soft and moisturized. Made with aloe vera and other natural ingredients, your loved one won’t be able to thank you enough for making their face shiny and soft!

Buy Bulldog Original Beard Balm on Amazon

Dr. Squatch Sandalwood Bourbon Beard Oil

This sandalwood bourbon beard oil from Dr. Squatch is the perfect gift for someone you know who is growing their beard out this month, or has a wooly face and wants to keep it soft, and well nourished all year long.  Made from natural essential oils, it will not only condition, but, it also contains scents of myrrh and grapefruit. With its great fresh woody fragrance, feel free to skip the cologne.

Buy Dr. Squatch Sandalwood Bourbon Beard Oil on Amazon

Zilberhaar Regular Beard Brush

You can’t do No-Shave November without a brush to tame that unruly facial mane! This is a great product to pair with some of the other grooming items on this list. Made in Germany, this brush consists of naturally sourced ingredients like boar bristles, to make your beard smooth and itch-free!

Buy Zilberhaar Regular Beard Brush on Amazon

Golden Beards Mustache Wax

Don’t leave that mustache just lying flat on your face! With Golden Beards Mustache wax, you can shape and moisturize your facial hair into anything you want or give this to your favorite, mustached friend! Handmade with organic ingredients, this wax will let you have those classic handlebars you’ve always wanted!

Buy Golden Beards Mustache Wax on Amazon

Scotch Porter Leave-In Beard Conditioner 

This wonderfully scented leave-in beard conditioner only needs a few drops to make a beard moisturized and glowing. It’s not only made with natural ingredients, it's also vegan! This is just what’s needed to keep facial hair strong and to prevent that pesky dandruff.

Buy Scotch Porter Leave-In Beard Conditioner on Amazon

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Looking for a rich, beard dye without any chemicals? This all-organic beard dye from Grizzly Mountain is made with natural herbs and plants to dye your or your loved one's beard a wonderful, brown color.

Buy Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye on Amazon