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October 28, 2022

Making Baby's First Christmas Memorable

How to create those special memories with your little one!


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baby wrapped in a white blanked wearing a white hat

Kaushal Mishra

Most would agree that there’s something magical about the holiday season. For many, that feeling is enhanced when sharing the holidays for the first time with a new baby. 

To help make “Baby’s First Christmas” as memorable (and stress-free) as possible, Santa.com has some tips for you. 

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Memorialize their Foot and Handprint

Babies are only tiny for so long, and although you can’t stop time, you can craft tangible memorabilia from this cherished part of their life. There are many ways to achieve this, from capturing their hand or foot print in paint, by tracing it or creating an ornament, such as this one from Amazon, with an impression. 

Make a Memory Book

Make your baby's first Christmas last a lifetime by creating a book that captures your little bundle’s first year and holiday season. We recommend getting a scrapbook from your local craft store, then start filling it with pictures, momentos, quotes and other precious memorabilia to capture all of your memories throughout the first year. 

Give Keepsake Jewelry 

Jewelry is a traditional gift that can be appreciated when older, and passed down for generations. Consider a gold ring, bracelet,necklace or something in silver. Adding a monogram or engraving can give the item a personal touch, as well as make it a cherished keepsake. A smaller piece worn as a baby can also be turned into a charm, or adapted for use in later life.  

Start an Annual Photoshoot

An annual photoshoot is often a tradition many cannot “picture” their  Christmas without! Capture your baby's first Christmas with a staged photo and then replicate the same staging year after year so you can look at the changes that occur over time. You can stay consistent by staying with similar outfits or poses to make the photo more fun and unique.

Tips for Photoshoots with a Baby

The idea of a cute picture with your baby sounds great, but how do you make it happen as babies can be unpredictable, especially in new situations. We recommend scheduling the photographer (or your friend or family member to take the photos) around the baby's schedule. Do you want those cute, sleeping baby photos? Schedule at nap time. If you want a happy, awake baby, schedule pictures after a nap. We also recommend feeding your baby 20 to 30 minutes before taking photos to cut back on the chances of having  a hungry, fussy baby that we all know (and love) too well. 

If you are planning to coordinate outfits with the family, or have a specific look for your baby, think about having a backup outfit. We all know that unexpected messes can happen, so have a change of clothes that fits your theme on hand, just in case.

Read Christmas Stories

While it’s always important to read to your child, Christmas is the perfect time to introduce classic Christmas stories. You will cherish the time that you spend reading to them and creating an annual tradition they will soon treasure. Collecting a new Christmas storybook each year and inscribing it with a special message is a wonderful way to build a tradition… and their library!

Christmas Time Capsule

Make a Christmas time capsule for your little one to look back on. One way to do this is to create a special box to add to each year with Christmas memorabilia. It can be anything from a branch off the tree, to a piece of wrapping paper that came from a gift given by an older relative. Fun photos, newspaper clippings, and even a lock of hair can be treasured as well and will be a special gift for your child to be able to look back on Christmases past. This one may take several years for them to appreciate, but when they do, they will likely want to carry this tradition on to their children as well!

Christmas PJ's

There are few things cuter than a baby in holiday-themed pajamas on Christmas morning! Photos in Christmas jammies are always adorable and are great keepsakes that remind you of just how tiny they were on their first Christmas. They can even match with the rest of the family so, be sure to snap a family portrait of everyone in their matching pajamas!

Baby’s First Christmas only happens once, but the memories you make will last a lifetime. We hope it is magical for you and your whole family.