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December 5, 2022

Five Ways to Make Your Letter to Santa More Magical

Five tips to make your letter writing fun and magical


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Writing a letter to Santa probably rivals Christmas morning as the most exciting moment of the holiday season. This special letter is going to make it all the way to the North Pole, after all, and be right in the thick of the magic! With a little prep and intention, you can make this a tradition they’ll remember forever. 

Make it memorable with a few extra touches.

Turn on some Christmas music, make some hot cocoa, and set up a spot for your littles. Just a few details set the scene for serious memory-making. Then, grab paper or cardstock and art supplies that will stand the test of time.

Encourage kids to make it their own.

Give them artistic license—while we might picture a letter to Santa looking a certain way, kids have their own ideas about what they want to draw or paint for St. Nick. Give them the freedom to express themselves and you’ll have a letter that really came from their heart. Don’t forget to give them an envelope they can decorate, too—think stickers, doodles, and glitter. 

Combine traditions with the Elf on the Shelf.

Kids get such a kick out of the annual Elf on the Shelf, so bring that into the mix. Surprise kids with a writing station overseen by Elf himself—he’ll be ready to help relay their message to the North Pole!

Make time for a little ‘nice list’ reflection. 

Remind kids to reflect on their year—how kind have they been? What would they like to do differently next time? They can recap these thoughts in their letter, or you can use the conversation to kickstart some behavior goals for the year ahead. 

Make an event of mailing the letter. 

Some cities offer special ‘Santa’ mailboxes to deliver your letter straight to St. Nick. But there are also adorable, very magical mailboxes you can bring into your own home. Decide if you want to make the letter a keepsake so you can figure out which route to go. Once drop-off is done, make a day of it—bake some cookies, take a drive to see lights, or cuddle up with a Christmas flick. The kids will remember it forever.