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December 5, 2022

How to Wrap Large Presents This Christmas

These tips and tricks will help you wrap all kinds of presents!


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Illustration: R. Manville

Wrapping presents with neatly folded sides and perfectly tied bows seems to be one of those amazing talents that only some possess. However, even those with artistic skills may need a smart strategy to tackle large or oddly-shaped gifts. 

Giving a large gift? Santa.com has some suggestions on how to present your large gift and show it comes from your oversized heart.

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Wrapping Paper Alternatives

While there is always the option to use a whole roll (or two), wrapping paper can be costly. If you’re on a budget or simply low on wrapping paper, consider using an alternative. Craft paper or newspaper are inexpensive options that you might already have on hand. Craft paper also provides a blank canvas for you to decorate to your heart’s delight, with markers, bows, ribbons, or just about anything! 

Another option is to use a disposable tablecloth. Hold on, hear us out. Like we said, wrapping paper can be pricey, and large gifts can require a lot. Disposable table cloths come in a wide variety of festive colors, cool patterns, designs and even some dramatic metallics. They can be the ideal solution to wrapping your oversized present.

Find a Box

Large boxes can be especially helpful if your gift is soft or oddly-shaped, like a giant stuffed animal or a big winter coat. If you don’t have one on hand, you can easily find large boxes at your local shipping, moving or office supply store. Having a solid shape as your base makes it easier to wrap and offers a more elegant presentation. You can also wrap the gift in tissue paper or bubble wrap (if it’s fragile) prior to placing it in the box.

Try a Giant Gift Bag

No box? You can find cute, festive oversized gift bags at most stores like Walmart, Target or other online retailers. If you lack the confidence in wrapping a large gift, or don’t want to spend a lot on wrapping paper, a giant gift bag can offer the perfect solution. Be sure to measure your gift to know how large of a bag you’ll need to purchase. Another option is an oversized gift bag, a great alternative.

The Big Bow  

It’s the ultimate symbol. Nothing says a big gift quite like an oversized bow. For gifts that are simply too big, like a playhouse or even a car, skip the wrap and just add a bow.

The Cake Cover

This is a more theatrical style of presenting a large gift, so have your camera out and get ready for a lot of fun! Like revealing a cake, you’re simply covering it up with a large box that has the bottom flaps cut off. Wrap or decorate the box to give it a little more flair. When it’s time to open the present, simply lift up the box for the big Christmas surprise!

Forgo the Wrapping Altogether 

Yes, that’s right!  Sometimes the best option is to not wrap the gift at all. For an oversized gift, like a bicycle, consider setting up a fun way for them to find the gift, like an elaborate scavenger hunt. You can build the suspense by wrapping up accessories like the helmet or bicycle horn, as part of the clues that lead the recipient to where the gift is waiting, unwrapped. Add a big bow to the final reveal. The suspense and thrill of a scavenger hunt will more than make up for the lack of wrapping.