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December 30, 2022

Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

Helpful Tips on How to Review Your Year and Set Goals for the Next


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While New Year’s Eve can be the last big party of the season, it’s also a great time to pause, reflect on the past year and think about the things you would like to change. Yes, this can happen on New Year’s Day, after the festivities! 

Oftentimes we make these grand gestures about losing 20 pounds, learning an instrument or quitting a job, yet 80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the second week in February. Why? Possibly because they aren’t based in reality. Losing weight can be so vague. But cutting out that daily Starbucks is much more practical! 

For 2022 lets try reframing these resolutions into goals, challenges, and lists that can be fun, uplifting and most importantly, attainable ways to step into the new year on the right foot. 

Look back at All You Accomplished Last Year

Instead of focusing on what is next, take a moment to reflect on all you have done over the last 365 days. This is a great prompt for journaling too! They can be big like moving, meeting new friends, starting a new job, but they can also be small like  planting a garden, reconnecting with an old friend, or simply taking more time for yourself. 

Create a Bucket List

This is a little different than resolutions because they can be more lifetime goals than yearly ones. Ideas could include: Try SCUBA diving, sign up for tango classes, visit a foreign country, learn to sew, ride a horse, try a new food. Keep these posted on your bulletin board to reflect on and enjoy keeping those dreams alive. 

Do a One Month Challenge

Since keeping a resolution for a whole year can be hard, try a month! Dry January? One month as a vegetarian? 30 days push ups? One month of no social media? This way you can try something new in a short amount of time and if you like it, who knows, maybe it will stick!

Pick a Word of the Year

This exercise is a wonderful way to start off the year. Pick a word that really speaks to you and journal about it or write it on a note card and stick it on the fridge. Words that often come to mind include:

  • Balance

  • Calm

  • Love

  • Forgiveness

  • Connect

  • Focus

  • Learn

  • Listen

Finally, it’s easy to make all the resolutions you want, but who is going to hold you accountable? Find a friend who will! If you both share your resolutions with each other, then you can check in once a week or once a month and see how they are going. This is a fun way to connect deeper with a friend, and maybe even develop a new healthy habit!