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December 28, 2022

How to Repurpose Christmas decor for Other Holidays

Tips and tricks to keep your Christmas Decor in rotation all year long


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Many of us have a habit of really going all out on Christmas decorations. The wreathes! The ornaments! The lights! The Inflatables! But what if you could use some of these decorations more than just for the month of December? Repurposing decorations is a great way to not only avoid all the packing and storing, but will be budget friendly as well. 

Here are a few tips on how to make use of decorations way after Saint Nick has paid his visit. 

Avoid Red and Green Decor

While red and green scream Christmas, there are a plethora of other color palettes to try during the holiday season that can be used throughout the year. Metallic decorations are magical during Christmas, but can easily stay around for a New Year's Eve celebration and even be pulled out for graduation, anniversaries, and birthdays. Think silver and gold candles, table runners, platters and even wrapping paper.

Go Green!

Christmas wreaths with candy canes and elves are the cutest, but try a boxwood wreath that you can keep up for months. You can even add a red bow for Christmas, a pink one for Valentine’s and a pastel one for Easter. 

Candles FTW

One thing we never skimp on is candles. White or metallic ones can be used all year round on mantles, centerpieces, bathrooms and even to light up a cozy window. You can add seasonally appropriate decor around them and let their lights shine all year long.

String Lights

Like candles, if you buy white lights opposed to colored lights, you can use these time and time again. String them on the tree at Christmas time then light up a patio, or even a kids room the rest of the year to add a lovely glow. 

Put a Bow On It

Use all those ribbon garlands, tinsel and bows all year round. As long as they aren’t Christmas colors (or red and green together), a handsome tartan garland would look lovely around a package on Father's Day. Red ribbon goes a long way for Valentines day decor and presents. Tinsel garland can also make for a great packing material when shipping presents. It protects the gift and makes for a ‘wow’ moment when they open it up!