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December 3, 2022

How to Answer 5 Tough Questions Kids Ask about Santa

Those kids want answers!


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Santa Claus is a figure we all dreamed of as children. We were constantly fascinated by the stories we read and the films we saw. Many of us stayed up late Christmas Eve night trying to catch him in the act! And just like we did at one point, your kids are probably starting to ask some tough questions about St. Nick. Keep the wonder but satisfy their curiosity with some guidelines from the team at Santa.com. 

How does Santa get around the world in one night?

Some say Santa’s sled has super-speed, or that he has a massive super-sonic mega structure filled with an army of workers, or that he even creates wormholes. At the heart of the answer is the simple fact: Santa is magic. Sometimes that’s enough. 

How old is Santa?

Going with the “no one’s quite sure” response is helpful here in avoiding challenging follow-ups. Then there’s the historial nod, which goes to the real-life, third-century man Nicholas of Myra, a bishop who went on to inspire the holly-jolly man in red we know and love today. Maybe mention how that love and the stories we tell are what have made him immortal ever since. 

How does he know where we live?

These days, Santa uses GPS too, but we’re pretty sure his reindeer remember the way every year (practice makes perfect, after all). You can tell your kids how he constantly updates his database to ensure no one gets overlooked. 

How does Santa know if we’re good or bad?

Kids always wonder how Santa can see them and know about their behavior. Mentioning technology again with this question can be fun and personalized to your family, something like: “He checks our Facebook Portal!” If you’re wary about making your kids feel like they’re under constant surveillance, feel free to be vague. His naughty or nice list probably magically appears every season. 

If Santa can do anything, why can’t he give me everything I want?

Oh, those little inquisitive ones. Let’s keep that magic alive while tempering expectations. Sometimes Santa can’t fit it all in his sleigh, carrying gifts for the whole world. Or maybe he’s got an important lesson in mind, one about learning to make do and be grateful for what you’ve been given. Choose a response that resonates best with your own child.