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October 11, 2023

Montessori Gifts for Creative Kids

Encouraging Imagination and Exploration


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Brent Watts and João Lucas Rocha

Santa.com wants to help you find everything you need to make the holidays special! If you purchase or click on something we link to, Santa.com may be entitled to a commission. "We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites."

A child’s imagination is something we love to help them explore and cultivate from a young age. Our curated guide showcases an array of Montessori toys and essentials designed to foster a child's natural curiosity. From toddler-friendly climbing toys to carefully crafted wooden wonders, we've gathered the best for small hands, ensuring endless opportunities for imaginative exploration on Christmas morning…and for years to come!


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Learning With The Rainbow Montessori Set


This Montessori set is the perfect gift to build fine motor skills by developing hand-eye coordination and visuospatial orientation, the latter being ideal for kids to determine the location of objects in reference to themselves and other objects.

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Montessori Rainbow Toadstool Toy


This is a simple yet very stimulating toy for toddlers: on the one hand, it promotes the basic fine motor skills needed to plug each little knob in its hole, and on the other, it’s a color sorting toy with which young toddlers can practice and reaffirm their notions of colors and feature-differentiating skills.

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224 Sight Words Flash Cards with Audio Card Machine


Talking Flash Cards contains 224 sight words, covering all fields, including animals, vehicles, character, food and more. Expose toddlers to many unknown objects, full of imagination.

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Wooden Emotions Board


Interpreting emotions during childhood positively helps develop interpersonal skills, as well as create tolerance to frustration and regulating emotions through play

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Baby Tadeus Montessori Kids Bench Table


Our baby & toddler Montessori inspired Bench Table is an exceptionally crafted dual activity space and climbing toy for babies and toddlers. When placed upside down, it becomes an indoor climbing dome. Add a reversible ramp and it becomes a toddler gym!

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Klick Klack Balance Board


Balance board exercises are being used by physiotherapists, school physical education teachers, sports coaches, and parents across the globe to help children to develop rhythm, sequencing, coordination and spatial awareness skills. The rocking balance board also proving beneficial in the acquisition of visual and auditory processing skills and even in cognitive development.

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Small Rocker / Balance Board for Kids


The Small Rocker board can be used as a bridge, boat, balancing board, slide, counter, dolls cradle .... endless possibilities! Active and open-ended play in fundamental for the development in early childhood.

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Wooden Trapeze Bar for Kids


The ultimate dream toy for acrobatic kids, offering a world of endless fun while delivering a multitude of benefits. With every graceful swing, they'll be building core strength, enhancing their motor skills, and boosting their overall physical fitness.