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224 Sight Words Flash Cards with Audio Card Machine
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Product Information
  • Perfect Toddler Learning Toys - Studies have shown that the combination of sound and images enhances learning, allowing toddler to naturally recognize new things in the cards by interacting with them.

  • 224 Sight Words - Rich card content, Talking Flash Cards contains 224 sight words, covering all fields, including animals, vehicles, character, food and more. Expose toddler to many unknown objects, full of imagination.

  • Interesting Learning Experience - toddler choose interesting cards inserted into the machine, it will issue American standard pronunciation and vivid animal sounds, so that toddler are full of interest in learning.

  • Teaching Materials for Preschool - This learning toy is a great visual learning material for school and preschool education. It's also great as a speech therapy material or educational toy for toddler. It is a new and more scientific way for young toddler to learn by reducing screen time and protecting their eyesight.

  • Meaningful Gifts for Toddlers - Toddler learning cards are educational learning toys for boys and girls ages 2, 3, 4 and 5. It is a great gift to accompany the growth of the children.

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