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September 18, 2023

Super Swimmer Gifts

Dive into the Holidays!


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Brent Watts and João Lucas Rocha

Dive into the holiday spirit with our fantastic collection of swimmer gifts! Whether you're searching for gifts that'll make a splash, swim-tastic presents, or Christmas gifts for swimmers, we've got the perfect options that will surely "stroke" their hearts. Explore our top gift ideas for swimmers and get ready to make waves of joy this holiday season! 


Product Image

Yusra Swims : The Story of Yusra Mardini


Yusra Mardini loves to swim. As a girl in Damascus, her dream is to swim for her country in the Olympics. But then war intervenes. Julie Abery’s spare, rhyming verse relates the story of Yusra’s journey from her beloved home in Syria to a sinking boat on the Aegean to Germany, where Yusra finally swims again and realizes her dream.

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Speed to the Finish Line Swim Mask by Bling2o


Fulfilled by our friends at Bling2o Start your engines, summer is almost here! Speed Blue refuses to lose with a tire frame, flames in the lens and a flaming silicone slider. This swim mask really makes our heart race! Our goggles offer a variety of ...
Product Image

Go Go Goggles With Ear Plugs


High-end silicon swimming glasses with earplugs. Adjustable to comfortably fit around small to large faces. Anti-fog, waterproof, and impact-resistant to give you a completely joyful and safe experience as you swim without a blurry vision and any leakage of water in the ears!!

Product Image

Baby Blue Tip Jaws by Bling2o


Fulfilled by our friends at Bling2o Shark Attack! Jawsome is styled with a razor sharp teeth pattern printed lens and googly eyed décor resting on the frame. Bling2o’s Jawsome swim goggle is a must have for any shark fan. Our goggles offer a variety ...
Product Image

Yummy Gummy Bubble-icious by Bling2o


Fulfilled by our friends at Bling2o Bubble Yum for Double the Fun! Yummy Gummy features a double layered frame with free falling 3 dimensional faux sprinkles and is finished with a gum ball printed strap. The flavor never fades in Bling2o's Bubble-ic...
Product Image

Piranhas Nelly by Bling2o


Fulfilled by our friends at Bling2o Navigate the deep with a clear view in Bling2o’s sea monster swim goggles. Nelly features our exclusive spike embossed strap, a spike embossed double gasket and a sleek mirror lens. Our goggles offer a variety of f...
Product Image

Jewel Mermaid Swim Goggles


Do you know any mermaids in need of spectacular goggles? Our Mermaid swim goggle features a fish tail embossed silicone strap, glitter infused frame and a fish tail printed lens. 

Product Image

Kid’s and Women's Pastel J-Slips Hawaiian Jesus Sandals


These sandals are made of 100% Rubber, are lightweight, and comfortable. Perfect for the pool or beach!

Product Image

Men’s Classic J-Slips Hawaiian Jesus Sandals


J-Slips Hawaiian Jesus Sandals are made from 100% rubber. They have a air pocket footbed and are soft and flexible and comfortable. Perfect for the beach or pool!

Product Image

Aqua Tunes Bluetooth Waterproof Sports Headphones


Made from very strong and flexible Polymer material that can be adjusted to the size of your head. Specially designed for swimming, diving and other sports, it is waterproof up to 3 meters. The earbuds works as earplugs, keeping water out and music in the ear white swimming.

Product Image

Shokz Openswim Headphones for Swimmers


Take open-ear listening to new depths. Swim, run, cycle, and train harder than ever before with open-ear headphones that can withstand all elements.  

Product Image

Snake Print Swim Cap


Say ‘Ssssup to Summer in our Snake Print Swim Cap. This swim cap has a fabric backing to its silicone material to prevent hair pulling and maximize comfort.

Product Image

Lagoon Star Swim Cap


Shine wherever you go in our Lagoon Star Swim Cap. Fabric backing to its silicone material to prevent hair pulling and maximize comfort.

Product Image

OLITA Sun Essentials: Sunscreen, Lip Balm and Sand Remover


Fulfilled by our friends at OLITAEverything you need for a day in the sun. OLITA sun care fits perfectly in your beach bag or backpack and gets you through the day. This bundle is jam packed with our favorites from the smooth and hydrating sunscreen ...
Product Image

Fantastic 2-in-1 Sunscreen+Moisturizer for Men


Fulfilled by our friends at Wallace SkincareThis incredible product was designed to make Hollywood actors look great onset. With SP30 on your side, it's used not only for the face but for healthy-looking domes and to keep tats from fading. Contains a...
Product Image

Muscle Recovery Bundle


After long, hard workouts can cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. Magnesium spray is known to be one of the best delivery systems for your body to receive the mineral. It is fast-absorbing, and fast-acting, helping you recover faster and prevent muscle spasms/cramps. 

Product Image

Chlorine/Fluoride Detox Loose Leaf Tea


Swimming pools, showers, baths, etc. all contain some form of chlorine and/or fluoride. This tea gives your body a break. The herbs promote a gentle detox.