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Pink Apple AirPods Max Wireless
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at Amazon

Dive into a world where your music comes alive, thanks to the Apple-designed dynamic driver in these Pink Apple AirPods Max. Imagine every tune with crystal-clear high fidelity. Perfect for birthdays, a hit with teens, and anyone ready to feel every beat.

  • Block the World, Feel the Beat: With Active Noise Cancellation, dive deep into your music without the world's noise. It's just you and the rhythm.
  • Stay Aware, Stay Connected: Transparency mode keeps you in the loop, ensuring you can groove to your beats while still catching every important moment around you.
  • Sound Revolution: Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking wraps you in sound. It's not just listening; it's experiencing.
  • Smart Sound, Stellar Experience: Computational audio marries acoustic design with the Apple H1 chip for a listening experience that's simply unmatched.
  • Comfort in Every Note: Designed with a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions, these AirPods Max are a snug sanctuary for your ears.
  • Magically Effortless: From effortless setup to on-head detection and seamless device switching, every interaction is a breeze.
  • Share the Vibe: Easily share your music with another pair of AirPods. It's sharing love, the Apple way.
  • Marathon Listening: With up to 20 hours of listening, movie-watching, or talk time, the music never has to stop.
  • Smart Case for Smart Rest: Slip them into the slim Smart Case for an ultra low-power mode. They rest, so you can play non-stop.

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