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Beige Coffee Mug with Base
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at Aprika Life

Welcome to a space where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary style. This isn't just any coffee mug; this is a handcrafted piece that connects you to a centuries-old tradition of ceramic artistry.

Crafted from the heart of a barista who regarded brewing as a patient journey through time, this uniquely funnel-shaped cup serves as a beautiful symbol of slow, meticulous work that leads to perfection.

Here's why you'll love this mug:

  • DISTINCTIVE DESIGN: A triangular cone shape sets this mug apart from the ordinary.
  • IDEAL SIZE: Measuring 3.5x3.7 inches with a 200ml capacity, it's perfectly proportioned for your favorite drinks.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Ideal for your morning coffee, an afternoon matcha, or an after-dinner dessert.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Crafted from premium, non-toxic ceramics for a pure and safe drinking experience.
  • READY TO GIFT: Each mug comes in a unique gift box, making it a thoughtful choice for any occasion.

These vintage-style ceramic mugs speak of an era where every item was made with care and intended to last. They are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands, enhancing your daily coffee ritual or dessert indulgence.

These mugs aren't just a treat for yourself; they are the perfect present. Whether it's for a cozy Christmas morning, a birthday, or just because, they come packaged in a beautiful gift box that's sure to delight. If you're looking for something that brings joy with every use and stands the test of time, you've found it.

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