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Calm Club Yoga Cards | Yoga Card Deck with 52 Poses
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Product Information
  • Stretch out stresses with Luckies' beginners yoga poses! Our 52 illustrated yoga & meditation cards make a beautiful addition to home gym equipment. Become a yoga guru with these relaxation gifts
  • Indulge the yogi in your life, with our yoga set of cards. Stress relief gifts for women & men bound to refresh their chakras. So say you care & give as anxiety relief tools or mental health gifts
  • The 52 yoga for beginners cards include form & flow tips to aid your home workout journey. Perfect 1 pose each week of the year & become a yoga pro! Handy exercise equipment ideal for unwinding
  • Proven as an anti anxiety aid, reap the benefits of yoga with this exercise card pack. Yoga flash cards for adults and kids alike. Christmas gifts & birthday gifts that get the family energized
  • Yoga decks of cards sourced from 100% recycled products: Calm Club donate a percentage of their profits to charity. Workout accessories & meditation gifts that benefit you & the world around us

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