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Cats vs Pickles 12-Pack Christmas Bean Mystery Bags
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at Amazon

Welcome to VS WORLD, an enchanting universe where oddity is celebrated, and friendship is found in the most unexpected corners. 

  • CHARACTERS: Our Christmas mystery bags may include the following characters: FA-LA-LA, Downhill, Gingerbread Cat, Harold, Chimney, Cat-inal, Noggin', Ice Queen, Snuggles, Brrrrr, Jingles, and Sweet Angel.
  • SURPRISE BEANS: Unleash the fun with these quirky collectibles—enjoy the thrill of finding your favorites! Though we try our best to ensure that all are unique, there is a chance you will receive a duplicate.
  • TAG ALONG PALS: Our 4" CvP bean-filled plushies are super soft, tactile, and perfect for sensory play and stress reduction. They are small, handy, and “purrfect” for tagging along on all your adventures! CvP makes awesome desk pets and study buddies!
  • MADE WITH LOVE: Each Cat and Pickle CvP bean toy is 4” tall by 3” wide, with embroidered details for extra “paw-sonality.” All products are latex-free. Plushies are made with plastic PP, POM beads, and polyester fiber batting.
  • FUN TO COLLECT: Collecting these quirky and adorable Cats and Pickles is an absolute treat! Share them with your friends, gift your favorites, or swap to complete your collection. The big question remains: Are you on Team Cat or Team Pickle?

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