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Dinosaur Days: Triceratops Book
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Product Information

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This introductory exploration uncovers the discovery of Triceratops fossils before revealing information about its era, features, and lifestyle, as well as its eventual extinction.


Each of these dinosaur profiles opens at a museum with a notable display of the featured species. Basic facts follow, including a bit about fossil discoveries, range, era, physical features, and behavior. Not all information is consistent. The lack of size data for Apatosaurus is one example, while weights are not provided in Tyrannosaurus rex. Most of the illustrations are full-color drawings; these are mostly full-body views that provide some visual drama, but close-up views of notable features like teeth or limbs are not included. Language is occasionally awkward and sometimes overly vague, such as the abrupt pronoun switch seen in the “Horny Head” chapter of Triceratops. Some descriptions of dinosaur extinction at the end of each book mention theories about asteroids or climate change, but most simply state, “No one is sure what happened.” This is an adequate series but unexceptional.

–Steven Englefried, School Library Journal , 4/1/2019

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