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Bunnies with Bows - Set of 6
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at Melange Collection

Hop into the heart of Easter with our "Bunnies with Bows" collection, a set of six adorable bunny ornaments, each adorned with a colorful bow tie. Perfect for sprinkling a bit of Easter magic throughout your home or peeping adorably from an Easter basket, these bunnies are sure to delight kids and guests alike.

  • COLORFUL COMPANIONS: Each bunny in the set showcases a unique bow tie color, bringing a rainbow of joy and style to your Easter celebrations.
  • CRAFTED WITH CARE: Made from a cozy blend of 35% alpaca, 15% wool, and 50% acrylic, with a soft 100% polyester filling, these bunnies are just as cuddly as they are cute.
  • VERSATILE: Designed with a handy hang-loop for easy decorating, these bunnies are equally enchanting as standalone figures nestled among your Easter decor.

Handmade with Heart in Peru

Our Bunnies with Bows are more than just Easter gifts; they're symbols of hope and support. Handcrafted with love by skilled knitting artisans in the rural villages of Peru, each purchase helps empower women through meaningful income-generating projects. By choosing these bunnies, you're not only embracing the spirit of Easter; you're contributing to a cycle of giving that supports safe work environments, fair wages, and the preservation of cultural traditions.

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