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Everybody Loves Cats vs Pickles (hardcover)
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Cats are afraid of pickles, but pickles just love cats. Welcome to the wacky world of cats vs pickles™! These adorable creatures will steal your heart.

It's an endearing tale, centered on friendship and inclusivity, that drives home a core mantra - it's silly to be afraid of something just because it's a little different than you - a message that resonates as, after all, we've all been a Pickle ourselves at some point!

Cats vs Pickles is an established success in merchandising and animation. Cats vs Pickles' expanding product line of plush toys enjoy premium placement in major accounts and fashion-forward retailers including Walmart, Target, Amazon, Hot Topic, and Claire's. The popular animated shorts on TikTok has 61M+ organic views, and on YouTube with 178M cumulative views with 2.5M hrs. watched.

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