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Let Love Win by ZOX
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at ZOX


The phrase “Love conquers all things” has survived several millenniums to reach your ears, and its enduring nature is a testament to its powerful message. Love is the undercurrent to the most integral parts of the human experience: relationships, loss, family, safety, and much more. We need love, in any of its forms, to live happy lives.

If you are just learning this now, don’t worry, it took me a long time to understand the benefits of choosing love. Many people in my life have fallen into dark places, making detrimental decisions as a response to how the world treated them. Whether it was self-medicating with addictive substances, restricting their diet, or worse, my loved ones were clearly hurting. My younger self couldn’t always understand why they continued to place themselves in such horrible circumstances time after time. I was angry at them for choosing their vice over family and friends. I was grief-stricken over the possibility of losing them. I was disappointed when they would start their destructive cycle all over again. But none of those feelings brought me closer to the people I loved. 

Can you guess how I changed to accept them for who they are? I had to let love win. I approached every moment I had with my friend or family member with an open heart because that is one of the only kinds of support that will endure with them through their difficult journey. One of the most beautiful things you can offer the world is love in the face of other all-consuming emotions.

Remember when you wear this vibrant strap: “Let us too surrender to love.” - Virgil

Talk soon,



Daneisha Kirksey

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