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Maybe I Can Do This After All by ZOX
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Fulfilled by our friends at ZOX


If you haven’t already, I encourage you to visit the Story for Make Mistakes Today to see where we’re at in the journey of these three ZOX. Here, in this second step, we’re learning that making mistakes is okay because it shows us that being human is actually an incredible thing. Here, we realize that we’re learning and that we may be able to do hard things after all.

One of the most important parts of this ZOX and its message is the back of the card, reading, “I’ll never know until I try.” It’s not often that we put the card text in 1st person, and here’s why we did for this one: When you look down at your wrist to read your favorite reminder, you’re telling yourself what it says. With this one, in particular, I hope it makes it even more impactful for you because it’s directed straight at you. YOU are the one that this is for. This is your reminder to put on your car dashboard, your desk at work, your mirror in the bathroom – wherever it goes, I want this to be a promise to yourself that you’re not done fighting yet.

Trying new things is always scary, but that never means that they’re impossible. If your mind and heart are set on something, don’t allow fear to deter you. Once you give it a try, then you can decide whether or not it’s something you want to pursue. But until then, you’ll never know. 

Be bold,



Faith Henke, @artsyaffirmations on Instagram

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