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PAWSOME PUPPETS! Make Your Own PAWPatrol Puppets Paperback
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Product Information
Make Your Own PAW Patrol PUPpets!, no book is too big, and no PUPpet too small, as young PAW Patrol fans learn to create their own fun, colorful PUPpets for endless hours of homespun fun and Adventure Bay play! Simple step-by-step craft instructions matched with clear photographs and illustrations guide boys and girls through the totally “paws on” process of crafting 12 different bright, playful PAW Patrol puppets, using age-appropriate materials and tools . . . and with only limited help from adults.

Book includes a bonus chapter, with tips for putting on the best puppet shows, ways to construct a cool puppet theater at home, and simple performance ideas and funny mini-scripts for even the youngest PAW Patrol fans to act out with their puppets!

All Paws On Deck! Make Your Own PAW Patrol PUP-pets! comes with punch-outs of the characters’ facial features and accessories (for making realistic replicas of their favorite characters, and hand/finger puppet templates for tracing . . .while helping bring their homemade PAW Patrol PUPpets to life!

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