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Red Rose Flower Bouquet Phone Case
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at OTTO Wholesale

As a nationwide wooden cellular cases company, we meticulously designed well-protected edges with 26-feet drop-tested, unique looking and laser-engraved and wood-crafted.

  • iPhone & Samsung phone models
  • Natural and durable wood surface
  • Enhanced rubber bumper to hold your phone
  • Metal plate inserted to be used with magnet holders
  • SIM card and PIN compartments
  • High-quality polycarbonate 4-sided shock absorbing bumper 26-feet drop-tested
  • High edges for screen protection
  • Easy use and soft buttons
  • Enlarged easy access charging port, headphones, speaker hole
  • Engraved or color printed designs on wood surface
  • Endless design options (800+ currently and increasing)
  • Universal cases that fit on multiple smartphones
  • Curved stylish wood edges
  • Variety of wood types among bamboo, cherry, walnut, rose
  • Color-coded cases such as natural wood, black, white

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