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Tequila Cask Aged Chocolate
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at To'ak Chocolate

In 1942, a man named Don Julio González set out on a course that would revolutionize the tequila industry. Up until then, tequila was primarily made and consumed as a basic alcoholic spirit, with almost no emphasis on quality—analogous to the consumption of chocolate as mere candy. As a true innovator, Don Julio set about improving every single element of the tequila production process, from harvesting and aging to bottling and tasting. Ultimately, he was responsible for elevating tequila to the level of a fine spirit, on par with the finest whiskies and cognacs.

We believe that Don Julio’s pioneering work in the craft of tequila has much in common with our work in the craft of chocolate. It also just so happens that Don Julio’s añejo tequila is generally one of our favorite pairings with To’ak chocolate. In partnership with its parent company Diageo, Don Julio volunteered to send us three of their barrels to age our chocolate in. We could not be any more excited about the results. This edition is an in-house favorite among our team in Quito.  

Cacao: 73%
Ingredients: Cacao mass, cane sugar
Origin: Ecuador
Appellation: Piedra de Plata
Harvest Year: 2015
Season: Rainy Season
Variety: Heirloom Nacional
Style: Cask Aged
Fermentation: 4 days
Roast: Medium
Conch: 23.5 hours
Aging: Don Julio Tequila Cask, 3 Years

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