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Versatile Multi Outlet AC Plus Fast USB Charger With Surge Protection by VistaShops
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Product Information

Fulfilled by our friends at VistaShops

Do you feel overwhelmed when the kitchen countertop gets cluttered with daily mail, kids craft books, and homework, not to mention everyone's cell phones, an iPad, and a laptop?!

Don't get stressed, keep all your gadgets in one place nice and neat with this Multi Charge Outlet and make the most of your space! Install this multi-charger and plug in the surge protector, as well as your devices or household gadgets, and everything is set for you.

Create extra space and see for yourself the Before and After pictures of your countertop, you will thank this very Versatile multi-purpose charger for decluttering your space and your life!


    • It is made of the highest quality ABS fire-resistant shell.
    • Easiest to install, it is the most durable and safe that is useful in your kitchen, home office, study, and bedroom.
    • It has 6 outlets that provide surge protection with 1080 joules.
    • It has 2 USB ports that can charge your devices like a Smartphone, a Tablet, and any other device.
    • 3.4 AMP Total USB output.
    • It is a GFCI outlet compatible.


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