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November 16, 2023

Stocking Stuffers for Adults and Toddlers Alike

Become a Stocking Pro!


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Red and white festive Christmas stockings hanging diagonally on a mantel. From foreground to background: Stocking with snowflake, stocking with Santa and stocking with festive holiday girl.

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This Christmas, learn to stuff your Christmas stockings like a pro! From the best stocking stuffers, to finding the perfect stockings and Christmas stocking holders, SANTA.COM has all the tips and tricks to make sure your stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Because, snow, rain or shine, Saint Nicholas for SURE will be there!


  • Selecting the Stocking

  • Stocking Holders

  • Hot Seasonal Stocking Stuffers

  • Gift Cards

  • Stocking Stuffers for the Furry Ones

  • A Letter From Santa

Stocking Stuffer Step 1: Selecting the Stocking

Three festive holiday stockings in red, green and white with red felt loops for hanging.
Three festive holiday stockings in red, green and white with red felt loops for hanging.
iStockPhoto / Valengilda

Choosing the perfect Christmas stocking requires careful consideration of both aesthetics and practicality. Consider the decor of your home, the size of your mantel, and the colors that match your Christmas tree and decorations. Personalized Christmas stockings can also add a special touch, whether you add a monogram or your own custom details. 

Choose a Christmas stocking that’s big enough to hold gifts but not so big that it's difficult to hang. Material is also crucial - make sure it's durable enough to withstand the weight of the goodies it will hold. Plush, knit, or felt stockings are traditional choices that also lend a cozy Christmas feel. Finally, choose a Christmas stocking that brings joy, complements your decorations, and brings the holiday spirit to your home.

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care

A black reindeer and green Christmas Tree holder, on a mantel holding two stockings over a white fireplace.
A black reindeer and green Christmas Tree holder, on a mantel holding two stockings over a white fireplace.
iStockPhoto / ABBOTT

Every Christmas stocking needs a Christmas stocking holder! Christmas stocking holders are decorative hooks used to hang stockings over the fireplace mantel. They often feature festive designs such as reindeers, snowflakes, angels, or Santa Claus, adding an extra touch of Christmas spirit to home decor. 

Stocking holders are typically weighted at the bottom to securely hold filled stockings without tipping over. They are both functional and ornamental, helping to uphold the beloved tradition of gift-giving in Christmas stockings, while also contributing to the overall holiday ambiance of the happy holiday home.

Hot Seasonal Stocking Stuffers

A white crochet children’s rattle shaped like a penguin.
A white crochet children’s rattle shaped like a penguin.
SANTA.COM / Little Moy

It’s the little things that count in life. And the Christmas stocking is the perfect place to make all of these little things come together. For baby’s first stocking, start with this cute Crochet Penguin Rattle. For the book lover in your life, how about a pair of reading socks? Tell mom you love her with this “I Love You, Mom” Inspirational Stretch Bracelet. Perfect for stocking stuffers for women! And for dad, and all of your men’s stocking stuffers, this Leather Magnetic Money Clip can be personalized with up to three initials. Small gifts with personal touches are the key to perfect stocking stuffing!

Gift Cards

Fanned out gift cards in multiple colors.
Fanned out gift cards in multiple colors.
iStockPhoto / joingate

Everybody loves a good gift card. They’re an excellent choice for stocking stuffers due to their small size, practicality and versatility. They offer the recipient the freedom to select something they genuinely need or want, reducing the possibility of an unwanted gift. 

From favorite restaurants to clothing brands and online stores, gift cards cover a wide range of interests and tastes, making them a practical and popular choice for stocking stuffers. Gift cards can also suit a variety of budgets, making them a cost-effective and appreciated gift solution. Moreover, they are convenient and easy to wrap, making them ideal for last-minute holiday shopping and the perfect stocking stuffer!

Don’t Forget the Furry Ones

Santa giving a treat to a dog in front of a fireplace hung with stockings.
Santa giving a treat to a dog in front of a fireplace hung with stockings.
iStockPhoto / diane39

If you have a family pet, chances are they have a Christmas stocking! Stocking stuffers for dogs and stocking stuffers for cats are delightful little gifts to show our four-legged friends how much we love and appreciate their companionship. 

Gifts can range from yummy treats, small toys, chewable bones, festive collars, holiday costumes or squeaky bottles of cheer. Filling your four-legged furry ones’ holiday stockings with these presents will not only make their tails wag with excitement, but also keep them entertained and engaged throughout the season. 

Always ensure that the gifts are pet-safe and suitable for your pet’s size and chew style to guarantee a merry and accident-free holiday celebration.

A Letter or Video From Santa

Santa’s gloved hands holding a quill pen, writing on a piece of parchment paper surrounded by holiday festive adornments and candy canes.
Santa’s gloved hands holding a quill pen, writing on a piece of parchment paper surrounded by holiday festive adornments and candy canes.
iStockPhoto / Nastco

Whether it’s handwritten or typed, a great way to top off every stocking is a personalized letter or video from Santa. It’s a great way to let your loved ones know about all the things that put them on Santa’s nice list for this year! 

SANTA.COM Gift Guides To Guide You

From Teachers to Bakers, Hikers to Wine Lovers, SANTA.com’s got the perfect gift guides to get your stocking stuffing started! 


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